In the basic module the following is available:

· Unlimited amount of languages
· Unlimited amount of topics
· One information page
· Statistics
Choose language
Through easily recognizable flag icons the user chooses language.

The amount of languages is decided by the individual museum and is unlimited.
Information page
After having chosen a language, the user is presented with an information site.

At the information site the museum is free to present information on current exhibits, campaigns etc.

At the information page you start the guide.

Find topic
On an easily recognizable numerical keyboard the user types the number of the desired topic.

By pressing the OK-button the contents page for the chosen topic is presented.
The contents page
At the contents page the user is presented with text, pictures, sound and video of the chosen topic.

At the contents page it is possible to flick (look) through the contents pages of the available topics.

Lay-out and contents are administrated by the museum.