wifi-guide is the handheld museums guide of the future.
wifi-guide is a module based multimedia guide that without any preceding installation can be used directly on the visitors own mobile phone via the museums own local wifi (in-house/internal wireless network) or the GPRS (mobile internet).

Through the user-friendly administrative module the museum administrates the guide by themselves. The guide can be adapted to the museum’s own identity as to color, logo and typography, while the standard functionality remains the same.

The contents which can be anything from text and pictures to sound and film clips, are also administrated by the user-friendly administration module.

The wifi-guide’s basic module offers facilities that match the newest with in handheld guides. Combined with a wide range of supplementary modules the wifi-guide meets all demands for analysis, differentiation of contents, marketing, feedback etc.
Mobile based
wifi-guide is compatible with all modern mobile phones and multimedia players with wifi and it requires no preceding installation.

wifi-guide is a service – not an attraction. No technology for the sake of technology alone.

The administration and use of wifi-guide requires no particular qualifications.

Fixed low costs
With wifi-guide the museum always knows its costs as maintenance and daily use are included in the monthly subscription.